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In the spring of 2018, Sophie performed her freshman year recital with her friend and bandmate Samuel Ketcham.  She changed the style of the Hungarian Folk Dance to add swung bluegrass notes, rapid tempo changes, and a non-traditional guitar accompaniment.  

Czardas, Vittori Monti, accompianment by Samuel Ketcham, 2018

Video courtesy of Hamline University

P(s)alms, Alexander Natalie, 2018

Video Courtesy of Peter & Ashley

Alexander Natalie is a 6 piece alternative folk band from St. Paul, MN.  Formally started in January of 2018 the group seeks to make honest music.  Their debut album "How Much Could You Ask of Me?" is available on all platforms.

Sophie is a dedicated participant of the Hamline Orchestra program.  During their Winter concert, they played a variety of music from all over the world and a variety of composers, from Bach, to Clarke, to Haydn.  She looks forward to continuing her schooling and playing more with the ensemble. 

Bach Orchestral Suite No. 3 in D Major, Hamline Orchestra, 2018

Video courtesy of Hamline University

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