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The following courses are what make up my Social Justice major.

My concentration is in Art for Social Change, with an emphasis in storytelling.

I have also included my courses for my Music double major,

and my double minors in Nonprofit Management and Digital Media Arts.

|Social Justice Requirements

SOCJ 1100: Introduction to Issues in Social Justice

WSTD 3500: Topics in Women's & Gender Studies:

Engendering Justice

HIST 3960: Topics in Comparative History: Environmental History

CFST 3300: The Role of Conflict in Social Change

ENG 1270: African-American Literatures

COMM 1650: Argumentation and Advocacy

SOCJ 5900: Social Justice Capstone

|Art for Social Change Concentration

SOCJ 3990: Social Justice Internship

HECU 3100: Arts Praxis

HECU 3100: Arts and Social Change

HECU 3900: HECUA Internship

HECU 3900: HECU Internship Seminar

|Music Requirements

MUS 1210: Beginning Class Piano

MUS 3220: Advanced Class Piano

MUS 3510: Performance Studies Piano

MUS 3600: Performance Studies Violin

MUS 3160: Orchestra

MUS 3170: Chamber Music

MUS 1030: Music in World Cultures

MUS 3350: Music History I

MUS 3360: Topics in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Music

MUS 3410: Theory of Music I: The Language of Music

MUS 5930: Music Senior Capstone Project

|Digital Media Arts Requirements

DMA 1100: Introduction to Digital Media Arts

DMA 1120: Fundamentals of Design

DMA 1410: Digital Photography I

DMA 3410: Digital Photography II

DMA 1480: Introduction to Digital Audio

DMA 3480 Advanced Digital Audio

|Nonprofit Managment Requirements

NPFT 1010: Introduction to the Nonprofit Sector

NPFT 3000: Civic Engagement and Volunteer Management

NPFT 3010: Nonprofit Governance, Finance, and Law

NPFT 3020: Development and Fundraising

NPFT 3960: Internship with Seminar

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